Rain – ..And from that time, everyday, for a month, we exchanged ice cream notes. And suddenly, after a while, we just stopped. I knew she found happiness. I never returned back to the ice cream shop again… read


Monday – …we have been assigned in different section. We have changed what we often do most. But still after class we go home together. I’d tell him what I have done that day and he’d tell me what he has done also until supper. That was our setup during High School… read


Fly Leaves – …And then suddenly, I sneezed hard. A pile of books in front of me fell. It was embarrassing so I picked them up and placed them. The guy from my behind pointed the last book I missed to pick up. I bend down to fetch it.


It was a familiar book… The same book that fell in the library a few days ago. I scanned the book. It said, “When We Were Very Young” by A.A Milne. I turned the cover and went on the pages… It was really an old book… on the front fly leaf I saw a name written on it. “L. Rivera”… read


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