L. Oliva

The wind was warm and the air was fresh. If you’ll look up, the sun will fill your body with joy and the blue sky will bring you the happiest thoughts you’ve never think of. But, sometimes even how happy our day is, there would come an instance where the sun would hide and we’ll feel gloomy.

It just happened that I didn’t bring along an umbrella. I was looking for a coffee shop to seek immediate warm but somehow my feet brought me to this nearby ice cream shop. I tried my luck, and yes, they served me a coffee. I sat on the glass wall from where I could see clearly how the water from the sky touched the ground and bounced lightly as it scattered in different directions.

It was on my third sip when I noticed an ice cream cone tag that nearly fell off the bench I am sitting. I unrolled it and noticed something that was written on it.

“Is he being serious?”

I don’t know what had gotten into me. I went to the counter and ordered an ice cream cone. I felt the coldness. My clothes were still wet from the rain earlier. As soon as I have finished my ice cream, I returned back to sip my coffee for the warmth to consume me. I took my ice cream cone tag and unrolled it. I got my pen and started writing on it.

“You wouldn’t know until you give him a chance.”

I finished my coffee and left the place. The rain has stopped. The next day, out of curiosity, I went back to the ice cream shop. I ordered the same ice cream and sat on the same place. To my surprise, I found an ice cream cone tag again. The person replied.

“I gave him a chance, but, I’m not ready yet to trust again…”

I took my ice cream tag and slide it down the cone. Unrolled it and wrote a response.

“Trust should be earned and not be given”

And from that time, everyday, for a month, we exchanged ice cream notes. And suddenly, after a while, we just stopped. I knew she found happiness. I never returned back to the ice cream shop again.

A year passed and the rain returned, still I have no umbrella with me. I was looking for a coffee shop to stay there for a while. But somehow, this new shop caught my attention. I was a built in the same place where the old ice cream shop stood.

I ordered a cup of coffee and sat near the glass wall. On my third sip I noticed an ice cream cone tag nearly fell off the bench. I felt the same feeling I had before. I unrolled the tag and saw something written on it.

“I want to give up, but I don’t want to be called weak.”

I’m familiar with the handwriting. I had a strong feeling that this tag came from the same girl, from the girl a year ago. I asked the cashier if they’re serving ice cream in their shop. To my surprise, they were. I found out that it was still the same shop from last year who went under a different management and some renovations.

I bought the same ice cream and went back to my seat. And then, wrote her a note:

“Giving up doesn’t mean you are weak. Instead, it proves that you are strong to let go off things that are important to you”

The next day, I found a reply,

“I feel so incomplete…”

Then I replied to her,

“Love is not what makes you complete but it’s when you learn to be unselfish.”

The following day she replied,

“I still love him”

The next day I left her a note:

“Sometimes, goodbye is a painful way of saying I love you”

We went on everyday in that way until she recovered from her heartache. We became friends through writing on an ice cream tag. In that simple method, a great friendship was formed.

The sky was clear that morning when we’ve decided to meet finally.

We saw each other on the park. We smiled at each other. Then suddenly, the rain fell. She had an umbrella with her, she opened it. I took it from her and we shared its shelter.

“I like walking under the sun,” she said, “Gazing up the blue sky and running at the park freely.”

Suddenly, I closed the umbrella.

“Well, you won’t enjoy that if you have an umbrella with you,” I told her.

“Of course,” she nodded.

“And you appreciate it.”

“True,” she claimed. “I’m soaking wet,” she ejected.

“Even though you enjoyed them, still it is inevitable that the rain might cloud your blue sky. Sometimes we need to walk in the rain alone and feel the pain and hardship.”

“That’s life.”

“And somehow on the process, someone would walk beside you, mud their shoes like yours.”

I re-opened the umbrella.

“Share their courage with you until you both overcome all the hardship, and then you triumph,” I continued.

She ran a few meters ahead of me. And then she faced me.

“Are you being serious?” she asked.

“Let me earn your trust.”




  1. jen said

    ang ganda ganda talaga nito

  2. Near said

    Thanks. 😀 actually gusto ko itong ipa-proofread para maayos ko yung grammar hahaha.

  3. monch said

    i find the concept cute though mushy… but since this was ur very first attempt in writing, it’s commendable..

    even in this early work, you’ve already shown so much promise as a prolific writer.. you don’t only tell stories, oli.. u impart wisdom as well..

    i like the ending.. 🙂

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